Optical Character Recognition

All we do is OCR.

Give us a PDF image, we'll give you a searchable PDF.


Know Your Data

OCR isn't perfect. There. We said it.

Relying on your data set to be perfectly searchable is not a good strategy.

We use our patented OCR assessment technology to identify those documents in your collection that have poor text quality as part of our reporting process. Now you know the black spots in your data set where text searches aren't effective.

LITIGATION BONUS: Run the other side's data through our system to identify documents that won't respond well to your searches (and that may contain content they aren't aware of)

Be Quick

100's of pages per minute

Our cloud-based OCR process scales to handle as many documents as you can throw at it lightning fast. (Seriously. The slowest part of our process is your upload/download speed)


Keep Costs Down

1/2 cent per page

Our OCR is 0.5¢ USD per page and includes our patented OCR assessment at no extra cost.

25% discount
- Pre-purchase 1,000,000 or more pages for an immediate 25% discount.